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Bound by fogke

This is a very clever shot. Well done ;)

Vision: 5/5 very well-composed, subject in the centre, and an interesting angle. It's as if they're standing on a hill, if I'm correct?

Originality: 5/5 I don't think I've seen many shots like this!

Technique: 3/5 I see you used a 5D :o Wish I had that camera!! :) I'd just like to say that it looks like you over-used your flash. It looks like you used an external flash, if I'm right (correct me if I'm wring!!). I only gave you 3/5 because the picture came out very washed out. You can see on their faces, the skin is very pale and slightly indistinguishable. This is probably because you aimed the flash straight at them. Try using interesting angles. For this shot I would've aimed the flash slightly higher than where your subject is to prevent the washout that has occurred. Also, try to invest if you can in Lightroom, or similar software. It helps a lot - look up a few tutorials on YouTube, and you'll be good to go :) I use it all the time, and in a shot like this, it would help a lot because there is an effect called recovery. It takes away a lot of any washout that has occurred in an image. Then you'll get thos awesome skin tones I think you were looking for :)

Impact 4.5/5 Like i said, unusual angle, very nicely done.

I hope this helped you, and keep it up! :D :D

Dom // Infinity Photography [link]
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fogke Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Artist
Hi, many thanks for these words :) I am glad you like it.

Yes it is hill :) anf straight front flash, yes it is external one, but it is my target, make it raw, washed out, old, amateur... becouse it should be non prepared look of the photo, like I am the hunter in forest with just normal camera flash.. but yes I tried different angles too, for example here: [link] but I dont like it, it is too dramatic like from theater... :)

colors and everything is done by photoshop, I do not need any tutorial, I am photoshop expert(I hope so, because I study it and it is my job, too :) ) I dont want look as selfish person, just I am trying explain, that this look is for me my purpose.

but still thanks !
Yeehaapix Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Student Photographer
Oh! :D Sorry, I get it :) Sorry if I offended you ;)

Still loving the pics though!
fogke Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012  Student Artist
no no, it is ok :) I am glad for your opinion ;)
thank you
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